We KNOW you’ve never seen anything like this at a beer festival before. We’re incredibly excited to announce that the recently crowned World Champion Snow Sculptor House of Thune will be returning to Winter Beer Dabbler with two new snow sculptures. Enjoy watching the eclectic team of artists as they chisel and shape piles of snow into whimsical sculptures.

Check out this year’s creations for the perfect selfie station or photo backdrop!


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait…it’s Soaring Sleds!

Back by popular demand, we’re welcoming back our friends from the north, Soaring Sleds to our 2024 Winter Beer Dabbler entertainment lineup with professional riders Chris Coosemans and Dave England who will be showing off tricks and flips that will make you hold your breath until they safely land! so grab your favorite beer and head to the midway to watch riders flip and soar through the air. We can’t guarantee you won’t want to buy a snowmobile after watching their show but life is all about getting new hobbies right!?


What’s better than a s’mores in the wintertime? Delicious beer samples while you enjoy freshly made s’mores of course! Our friends at Neighborhood House will be hosting our S’Mores Give More section where we will sell s’mores kits for $5 with all proceeds to help support local families.


You’ll be flipping and dipping but not from the beer sampling! If you’re feeling adventurous enough, take a bounce from the St. Paul Bouncing Team.


Unleash your inner warrior and take your aim with Nice Axe’s thrilling axe-throwing booth! Brace yourself and step right up for an unforgettable time, and with a few brews to fuel your courage, we think you’ll soon find yourself hurling axes like a seasoned pro (or so you’ll believe thanks to those delicious beers)!

Whether you’re a seasoned axe-throwing enthusiast or a first-timer, axe-throwing is the place to be for epic feats of skill and excitement.

Join the adventurous Dabblers where the adrenaline flows as freely as the beer pours and let’s see if you have what it takes to master the art of the Vikings with Nice Axe!


We know you live for the gram, and we’re making getting those perfect snapshots even easier with amazing artwork from muralist and street painter Shawn McCann. Be sure to be on the lookout throughout Winter Beer Dabbler for Shawn McCann’s jaw-dropping art that will have you questioning just how many beers you’ve had.



When you craft, you drink beer….when you drink beer, you craft–So creating the perfect blend of Beer Dabbler and the amazing vendors at Minneapolis Craft Market seemed like a no-brainer for our Dabblers! Shop from the following local vendors at this year’s Winter Beer Dabbler!


The Beer Dabbler team is incredibly excited to announce we will have Piano Fondue in the Coliseum at this year’s Winter Beer Dabbler 2024 festival. Get ready to sip on your favorite brew while relaxing and vibing to two dueling pianos.


DJ Shannon Blowtorch

Specialties: Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop

DJ Shannon Blowtorch is a fan favorite for longtime Beer Dabbler attendees who are known for her eclectic music collections and her incredible ability to read a crowd and keep the party bumping. Shannon has been named “Best Club DJ in the Twin Cities” countless times by local publications and is guaranteed to bring the party to Winter Beer Dabbler 2024.

DJ Chime with special guest DJ JD + Back Channel Brewing

Specialties: House, Dance

DJ Chime is the resident DJ for Back Channel Brewing Company in Spring Park, MN. You can find him spinning at the taproom for the Ultimate Vikings Gameday Experience on Sundays during the football season, during special taproom events, and as Back Channel’s regular trivia host on Wednesday nights during the fall/winter/spring. This year, DJ Chime has a special guest: DJ JD! DJ Chime and DJ JD will be performing at Back Channel Brewing’s Booth and this year, they’re adding karaoke! Their stage will be integrated with Back Channel’s booth at Winter Beer Dabbler so you can enjoy awesome mixes while sampling some of your favorite Back Channel beers!

Entertainment & Activities

When it comes to beer festivals, variety is the spice of life. Luckily, the entertainment and activities at the 2024 Winter Beer Dabbler are as exciting and different as the beers being sampled.