Dabbler & Friends
A Charitable Organization

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What is Dabbler & Friends?

Dabbler & Friends is a charitable project created by Beer Dabbler founder Matt Kenevan to provide aid to community members in need. We have submitted paperwork to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


Providing needed assistance to underserved and underrepresented communities both in the craft beverage industry and in society at large. To achieve this, our nonprofit will mobilize community members to volunteer, raise funds, and advocate for causes such as fostering equality, alleviating food insecurity, homelessness, and poverty, and diversifying the craft beverage industry.

What sort of aid do we provide?

Our first and current charitable project is providing aid to people experiencing homelessness in the Twin Cities by sourcing, preparing, and distributing firewood  and collecting and distributing essential items such as clothing, food, basic medicine, and hygienic supplies.

Dabbler & Friends also provides firewood to breweries, bars, and restaurants struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic to fuel their outdoor hospitality accommodations such as fire pits and wood stoves. These outdoor accommodations have been essential in allowing businesses to continue to operate safely during the time of the coronavirus.

In the future, Dabbler & Friends will expand beyond this project to continue our mission. The organization will also spearhead the Pride in Brewing scholarship program, originally launched by Beer Dabbler and Dakota County Technical College.

How can I help Dabbler & Friends?

The best way to help our cause is to donate funds to the Dabbler & Friends GoFundMe page. These funds will directly help us source wood, offset our operational costs for preparation and delivery, and allow us to provide more aid in the form of essential goods to people experiencing homelessness.

While we truly appreciate all of your offers to donate wood, we are not accepting donations of wood at this time, due to the logistical constraints of accepting such donations.

If you’re an individual or organization that would like to partner with Dabbler & Friends to provide aid, please email us at info@dabblerandfriends.org.

Know of individuals or organizations that require aid?

Send us tips to info@dabblerandfriends.org with the subject line “Aid Request” and we’ll do our best to follow-up on your request as soon as possible.

Dabbler & Friends in Action: