American Brewer Warrior contestants compete for supremacy. Photo by Daniel Murphy

There’s something about playing a fun game or watching an awesome spectacle with a beer in your hand that makes the brew taste that much better. This year’s version of Winter Beer Dabbler features a ton of fun stuff to check out in between beer samples, so make sure you’re exploring our entire festival and finding every last bit of fun you can!


Human Bubble Hockey in the WonderDome

Photo via Can Can Wonderland

Created by the brilliant minds at Can Can Wonderland and Beer Dabbler, Human Bubble Hockey in the Wonderdome is the United’s State’s largest bubble hockey game!

You and 3 other friends will face off against another team of four inside our massive bubble hockey inflatable for six minutes of slap shots and daring saves! Each player will be confined to a small area of the “rink”, just like a stationary bubble hockey “player” would be. Make sure you don’t get carried away and step outside your zone, because if you do, you’re going to be spending some time in the penalty box while the other team gets a power play!

Here’s the best thing about the WonderDome: There’s no pads or skates required. We’ll bring the gear, you bring your team! Games will be scheduled at the festival on a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure you’re rink-side and ready to face-off on event day!

American Brewer Warrior

Photo by Daniel Murphy

At every Winter Beer Dabbler, teams of elite brewers assemble to compete in featuring a series of challenges to determine which among them deserves the vaunted title of “AMERICAN BREWER WARRIOR!”

Presented by Minnesota Lottery, American Brewer Warrior will feature all new obstacle course challenges for 2022 including the PakTek-Palooza, Forklift Fury, and more. Pairs of representatives from your favorite Minnesota breweries will each attempt to clear the course as quickly as possible, finishing with a “Quality Assurance” can-chug. At the end, the fastest team to finish the course will hoist our champion’s belt, and bring it back with them to their taproom for bragging rights until next year’s festival.

Live Snow Sculpture Carving by House of Thune

Photo via House of Thune

Mad genius Dusty Thune and his crew have been wowing attendees and winning awards at winter carnivals all around the world with their huge, inventive snow sculptures. We’re hauling in a bunny hill’s worth of snow and turning Dusty and co. loose to work their magic at Winter Beer Dabbler. Stop by to watch how these talented weirdos transform ordinary, everyday snow into massive works of icy-cold art!

Giant Beer Pong

Photo by Daniel Murphy

You might be an ace when it comes to beer pong in your buddy’s basement, but what happens when you swap a ping pong ball for a dodge ball and solo cups for  32-gallon trash cans? Not so confident now, eh?

Giant Beer Pong has been a fan-favorite at our festivals for years, turning the classic party/drinking game into an exciting full-body workout. Play a round of doubles against your friends, or challenge a new acquaintance to a shootout for beer fest supremacy!

Live Chainsaw Carving by Soderlund’s Wood Mill

Photo via Soderlund Wood Mill

We first met up with the brothers Soderlund to tape a special feature for our Dabbler in a Box video series in 2021, and we were blown away by their ability to use badass power tools to transform raw wood into surprisingly intricate pieces of art.

We invited the Soderlund bros to take a trip down from their workshop in Chisago City to carve a legendary animal that looms large in hearts and minds of Minnesotans. No, we’re not talking about Babe the Big Blue Ox, we’re talking about Sasha the Hamm’s Bear!