Our store’s new exterior, we’re getting close to finished out here!

If you haven’t already heard the news, Beer Dabbler is opening a craft beer, wine, and spirits store and coffee shop in Saint Paul,  Minnesota this spring, and we’re calling it Dabbler Depot!

Just like at our festivals, Dabbler Depot will stock a curated selection of the latest and greatest releases from your favorite local and national breweries, plus, we’ll keep your beer cool until time of sale to maintain maximum freshness. Love craft spirits, wines, and ciders? We’ll be carrying those too! You can also stop by our coffee shop on your way out for a latte or cold brew, and pick up some beans for your house or office while you’re at it.

We’re working hard to get Dabbler Depot open for business soon, but in the meantime, here’s some insight into all the progress our staff have made rehabilitating the rundown old Stransky’s Liquor building on West 7th into our awesome new store.

Our Coolers Have Arrived! 

When we started drawing up our plans for Dabbler Depot, we knew that we were going to need an awesome cooler system to keep all of our beer as fresh as possible. Our staff and cooler installers worked as a team to carry and place every single one of these panels, doors, and pieces of machinery that form our coolers. We now have a 567 square foot upstairs cooler unit with 18 doors and a basement cooler with additional 187 sqr feet of storage space. As you can see from the photos, we’ve already got one small section of the fridge filled with our construction zone essentials: bottled water and Hamm’s!

Exterior Updates: Stone and Metal Siding

If you’ve walked or driven by our store in the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen our staff outside, hard at work on making some much-needed updates to our building’s exterior. We added a wrap of dark blue metal siding around the top of our building, painted our ribbed concrete walls electric blue, installed new light fixtures, and added a stone veneer to the lower part of our building’s exterior. Every single one of these stones was placed by hand by our team, and we even temporarily converted our store into a brick-making factory to make sure we had enough stones for the job. Sure, it was hard work, but we think the results look awesome!

Exterior Updates: Parking Lot Resurfacing and Landscaping

Our parking lot’s asphalt was in a pretty sorry state when we took over the store, so we tore all of that up and called in the experts to give us a fresh new blacktop for you to walk and park on. Additionally, our team did some serious landscaping work to rehabilitate what will eventually be our patio and food truck area. We dug out mounds of stone, dirt, and asphalt, and cut and placed hundreds of stones for a retaining wall, and more!

Interior updates: Painting, Moss Wall, Vestibule, and Checkout Counter

We love bold, bright colors, so we had a ton of fun painting one area of our store with eye-catching orange and electric blue shades. We’ve also done some more painting in our coffee shop space as well. Our Moss Wall has arrived and already looks awesome, we can’t wait to see how it grows! Additionally, we’ve completed work on the vestibule and glass walls that separate our main store space from our coffee shop, and set up our check-out counter. That’s one solid piece of concrete across the top, it took our whole team to lift it into place!

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