In the Spring of 2022, Beer Dabbler will be fulling our long-time dream of opening a beer, wine, and spirits store on West 7th Street in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our goal with Dabbler Depot is to create a community-oriented liquor store with fresh new ideas to maximize quality and customer experience. Here’s just a few of the innovations that we’re excited to share with you when our store opens:

Community Gathering Space

Our business has been part of Saint Paul’s West 7th community for over a decade, which is why it was important to us to create a store that our neighbors could enjoy and be proud of, and a place that offers more than just alcohol for sale (more on that in a second).

Before we purchased the former Stransky’s Liquor building at 1545 7th St W last year, the venerable old property had fallen into disrepair and become something of an eyesore for the neighborhood. Since then, we’ve been hard at work rehabilitating the space into a clean, bright, and modern store that will eventually feature plenty of quirky and fun decorations as well.

A map of Dabbler Depot’s location in Saint Paul’s West 7th neighborhood.

Grab a Cup of Coffee and a Bite to Eat

Dabbler Depot will feature a coffee shop and has plans for a permanent food truck on our premises, as well as a patio area for outdoor dining and small neighborhood events. Dabbler Depot Coffee will be a commuter-oriented coffee shop offering high quality drip coffee, espresso drinks, cold-brewed coffees and more, plus packaged coffee beans and grounds to take home. Folks in need of a quick bite will be able to snag donuts, pastries, and even slices of pie out of our bakery case.

Beer Quality is our Highest Priority

To maximize freshness, all beer sold at Dabbler Depot will be kept cool until time of sale. That means no stacks of warm beer growing stale on the store floor. We’re passionate about offering the highest quality of craft beer possible at our festivals, and we’re going to carry those high standards over to our store’s selection. Expect to see the freshest new releases and hard-to-find beer “whales,” along with your old favorite brews at competitive prices.

Progress Picture: We added multiple large windows to the building to brighten-up the space.

Sample Kegged Beer with our Tap Wall

One of our favorite aspects of our festivals is offering craft beer lovers the chance to sample interesting new beers, fresh from the tap. We wanted to bring that experience to our store, so Dabbler Depot will feature a tap wall with eight taps that will rotate frequently to offer new sampling opportunities. We’ll also feature in-store sampling events where you can learn more about awesome new beers from your favorite local and national breweries.

Try a Beer at our Festival, Pick it up at Dabbler Depot

Have you ever tried a beer at one of our festivals that you loved so much that you wanted to buy it right away? We’re working hard to develop technology that will allow our Beer Dabbler festival attendees to purchase beer online at our festivals, and pick-it up at our store or have it delivered to their houses!

Progress Picture: Our plant wall will eventually grow to cover this whole section above our retail floor

Clean, Green, Comfortable, and Cool:

Dabbler Depot’s look and feel will modern and inviting, with unique features like a living plant wall as well as a moss wall. We’re also installing solar panels on our roof and are working hard to make our building as energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly as possible.

Curated Sampler Subscriptions

Fans of our Dabbler in a Box sampler pack series will be excited to hear that Dabbler Depot will be offering a thoughtfully curated subscription sampler pack program for beer, wine, spirits, and coffee categories. Every month, subscribers will receive a brand new pack of tasty beverages that have been hand-selected by our knowledgeable staff, plus a wealth of information and tasting notes about each of the offerings in their pack.

Progress Picture: A crew installs three 5 foot by 10 foot glass panels inside our store

In-House Content Studio

Craft beer is about so much more than just what’s in your glass. In our in-house content studio, our team will be working hard to showcase the fascinating stories and people behind your favorite breweries and beers. Expect to see interviews with visiting brewers and reps, brew reviews and tasting notes, and much more–all shot on-site at our studio, located in the back of our store.

Be the Hero of Your Office

Beer at work? Pretty much the best thing ever. Dabbler Depot will deliver coffee and pastries as well as beer, wine, and cocktails for corporate meetings and happy hours around the Twin Cities.

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