We’ve got some awesome news in store for folks who’ve been following our progress with Dabbler Depot: We’ll be celebrating our store’s opening in just a few short weeks!

We’re so grateful to all of our friends and neighbors who have chipped in their time and effort to help us get to this point, and we can’t wait to show you all of the cool stuff that we’ve been hard at work on.

In case you missed our earlier updates, Dabbler Depot is a new craft beer, wine, spirits, and coffee store opening at 1545 West 7th Street in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We’re redefining your liquor store experience by emphasizing high quality offerings while maintaining a fun atmosphere staffed by passionate, knowledgeable employees.

Here’s what’s new at Dabbler Depot since our last update:

Dabbler Depot Opens June 17!

After months and months of hard work, we’re finally ready to announce our official opening date for Dabbler Depot: June 17, 2022!

While exact details about our opening are still TBA, expect some fun surprises, and, of course, plenty of beer to sample! Make sure you’re signed up for our Dabbler Depot mailing list if you want to be the first to find out more about our Opening Party, and other opportunities to experience our store in the coming weeks.

You Might Say that We’re on a Roll…

Our Dabbler Depot Wheel began as a fun “pie in the sky” type of idea when we were first starting to plan out our store, but it quickly became something that all of us were too excited about to give up on. We called up our friends at Can Can Wonderland to explain our vision, and they fabricated this massive metal wheel that will serve as a centerpiece for fun at Dabbler Depot. It was an extremely tight squeeze trying to sneak this giant thing into its final destination at our store!

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Tap Wall? TAP WALL!

It’s a pretty safe bet that this will become one of your favorite spots in our store! Our tap wall will feature eight rotating taps, offering an awesome variety of beers to sample while you shop. Curious what that new hazy IPA from your national brewery tastes like on draft? We’ll have you covered! Hoping for a first taste of product from a local brewery that just opened? We’ll have stuff like that too!

Our Coffee Shop is Starting to Percolate

Dabbler Depot Coffee is going to be a commuter-oriented coffee shop offering high quality snacks and ‘joe for a great value. We’re making a ton of progress on our build-out of the shop and we’re almost ready to start brewing up some drip, espresso, cold brew, and more, using beans from our buddies at Rusty Dog Coffee in Madison. See that white area on the half-wall in the lower left corner of the photo? Keep an eye on that space in future updates for some more fun!

Patio Party!

We are now the proud owners of several authentic Paulaner-branded beer hall tables! Rumor has it that these tables previously provided staunch stein support for a well-known local German restaurant, and now they’re going to have a second life as seating for our Dabbler Depot patio area. We’ve already test-driven it for happy hour, and we think you’re going to love relaxing here on a sunny day with a cup of coffee!

Tile With Style

Our friend Buck helped us install this colorful tile at the end of our cooler row that we’ve taken to calling “Rainbow Road.” We wanted this area to serve as a little visual tribute to our state’s awesome LGBTQ+ craft beer community, and we love how it brings a vibrant burst of energy to this part of our store. Happy Pride month!

Coolers: Not Just for Beer Anymore!

We spent some time last week setting up this super-swanky wine cooler, which has display lights, sliding panels to reveal back-stock, and other fun features. While you probably know us best for beer, our company is also super passionate about great wine, and we’ll make sure to always have some interesting bottles chilled and ready for you when you arrive. From can’t-miss classics like Champagne and Chardonnay to trendy Rosés and even some innovative new varietals, you’re going to love our selection.

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