Initiative Cream Ale from Chaotic Good Brewing Company in Kasson, Minnesota • Photo by Scott Stroh

Initiative Cream Ale from Chaotic Good Brewing Company in Kasson, Minnesota • Photo by Scott Stroh

In a time that is far from conventional, it only seems fitting that Scott Stroh and his wife Molly Stroh are opening a brewery that is about as unconventional as they come. Chaotic Good Brewing Company is tucked into a small structure in the couple’s yard in Kasson, Minnesota, located 16 miles west of Rochester.

“The brewery is literally in our backyard,” laughs Scott Stroh, co-founder and brewer. “We are very different from your standard brewery, that’s for sure!”

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Stroh has been an avid homebrewer for about 12 years and had toyed with the idea of starting his own brewery for most of that time. However, he knew he wanted to take the plunge when he and his wife visited Founders Brewing and Bell’s Brewery in Michigan.

“When I saw Bell’s massive production facility,” reminisces Stroh. “I thought, now this is what I want to do!”

Although Upper Hand’s expansive brewhouse may have been what inspired Stroh to start a brewery of his own, the size of Chaotic Good Brewing Company is on the opposite end of the spectrum. The brewery itself is only about 300-square-feet and there is no taproom as of yet.

“I knew I wanted to start small. My wife and I are both teachers,” explains Stroh. “Having a brewery this size allows us to teach by day, keep our insurance, pay the bills, all while establishing a brewery.”

Initiative Cream Ale from Chaotic Good Brewing Company • Photo by Scott Stroh

Initiative Cream Ale from Chaotic Good Brewing Company • Photo by Scott Stroh

Stroh is a high school physics and engineering teacher. His background allowed him to dive deep into the science of brewing beer and came in handy as he built Chaotic Good’s 1.5-barrel brewhouse with four 55-gallon fermentors.

“If I don’t eat or sleep, I could have 9 barrels of beer going at a time,” Stroh jokes.

Since Chaotic Good Brewing Company doesn’t have a taproom, the inability to gather due to COVID-19 doesn’t impact the brewery’s opening day plans. Off-sale growlers and 750-milliliter bottles will be sold once the brewery officially opens. They are currently waiting for their off-sale license and hope to have it by mid-February.

By the time they begin doing off-sale and distribution to local restaurants, Stroh plans on having four beers available.

“Keep in mind they’ll be in small batches,” says Stroh. “But we plan on having an American IPA, a cream ale, a rye oatmeal stout, and a Belgian Tripel.”

By spring or summer, they will have Crowlers available for off-sale as well.

Along with providing the people of Kasson and the surrounding area with good beer, Stroh wants Chaotic Good Brewing Company to have the ability to support the local community.

“From the volunteer fire department to local teachers, we want to give back to the community,” says Stroh. “We want to be able to brew beer that’ll do some good!”

Their unique space combined with the mission of supporting their community is reflected in the name of the brewery. “Chaotic Good” is a Dungeons and Dragons reference that, according to Stroh, nods to the idea of “doing the right thing, but doing it in your own way.”

“I think it sums up what we’re doing here in our backyard pretty well,” explains Stroh. “Our brewery definitely marches to the beat of its own drum and I can’t wait for people to come experience it!”

Chaotic Good's 300-square-foot brewery is located in Scott and Molly Stroh's backyard • Photo by Scott Stroh

Chaotic Good’s 300-square-foot brewery is located in Scott and Molly Stroh’s backyard • Photo by Scott Stroh

Head Brewer: Scott Stroh

Beer: Initiative Cream Ale, American IPA, Rye Oatmeal Stout, Belgian Tripel

Location: 601 3rd Ave NW, Kasson, MN

Hours: TBD

Connect: Website, Facebook