Shakopee Brewhall The Riveter Irish Cream Ale • Photo via Shakopee Brewhall

Shakopee Brewhall The Riveter Irish Cream Ale • Photo via Shakopee Brewhall

Welcome to Beer Dabbler’s Freshies, our weekly rundown on the newest beers hitting the store shelves and taproom coolers in Minnesota from your favorite local and national breweries. 

Berries and cream, Irish red ales and stouts, and new woman-brewed beers to enjoy today and tomorrow—there is a lot to imbibe among new beers this week. Many breweries are marking International Women’s Day (March 8) with brand new beers—some tapped this Monday and others brewed this week for later enjoyment.

And, just like the other beers included in Freshies, the styles range wide and far: sour, hazy, fruity, and traditional. And while fruit additionals and green gimmickry define a few of this week’s new Freshies, there are plenty of Pilsners, dunkels, bocks, and adjunct-free stouts foaming up on the tap lines this week too.




Each week, the Beer Dabbler team highlights five of the most tantalizing new beers that we’re most excited to try.

Badger Hill Nevertheless West Coast IPA – Headed by brewer Ariel Keeton, a team of local female brewers joined forces for this newly tapped West Coast-style IPA with representatives from Castle Danger, ENKI, Lift Bridge, Pryes, South x SouthEast, Surly, Torg, Under Pressure, Uteplis, and Waconia Brewing all involved.

Eastlake Kirby Pucker #24 – Tapped last week, “We took the Mezcal-aged pineapple sour, Kirby Pucker #24, and infused it with blood orange and lime. Somehow the mezcal is more pronounced, while the beer is simultaneously crisper and juicier,” Eastlake says.

HeadFlyer DDH Wicked Jump Shot – A 5.4% ABV double dry-hopped pale ale. “We took our session pale and added double the Mosaic hops for double the fun! This soft, hazy pale packs a load of juicy hops,” the brewery explains. On tap and sold in Crowlers to-go.

OMNI Couch Potato – A pale and clear American IPA made with Centennial, Cascade, Citra, and Idaho 7 Cryo hops. In the taproom now.

Torg Kilted Yoga – “A malty, buttery-toast, amber elixir from the Emerald Isle with medium body and dry finish,” Torg says of this 5.1% Irish-style red ale.

New beers available this week 

10K Brewing   

  • Empower Sour Vol. II – A strawberry and blackberry sour ale brewed to celebrate International Women’s Day. On tap and also sold in Crowlers (no growlers).

608 Brewing Company

  • Citranado – A hazy IPA with mandarin orange, pear, and underripe pineapple flavors that meet a malt sweetness and soft, fluffy body. 7.5% ABV.
  • Jolly Shocker Pops: Strawberry and Creme – This “candy sour” is part of a series influenced by the Cream Savers candy. Made with candy strawberry flavoring, lactose, and vanilla, 608 describes it as “acidic and fruity with a creamy finish.”
608 Citranado • Photo via 608 Brewing

608 Citranado • Photo via 608 Brewing

Alloy Brewing Company

  • Pour – A collaboration with Pour Wine and Bistro, this is an imperial bourbon cream ale on tap at the restaurant and also served at Alloy. 7% ABV, 10 IBU.
  • Sundog – A double dry-hopped New England-style IPA made with Sultana and Ariana hops. 7.6% ABV, 45 IBU.

Arbeiter Brewing

  • Vanilla Mocha Stout – Chocolate, coffee, and vanilla pop out in this new stout, but it also features notes of wood and tobacco, the brewery says. 5.4% ABV, 20 IBU.

Badger Hill Brewing Company

  • Nevertheless West Coast IPA – Top Flight selection.

Beaver Island Brewing Company   

  • Sweet Miss Coconut – Available at the St. Cloud taproom only.

Bemidji Brewing

  • Espresso Porter
  • Spring IPA

Bent Brewstillery   

  • Moar – Back as Bent’s spring seasonal IPA.

Bent Paddle Brewing Co.

  • Game On Hilltoppers! – A taproom-only beer with a fundraising tilt, this is a juicy pale ale made with El Dorado hops. A portion of proceeds benefit Marshall School in Duluth.
  • Imperial Wilderness Tuxedo – A kettle sour made with blackberry, raspberry, and peach. “This beer boasts copious amounts of rich stonefruit and berries on the nose, pours a decadent ruby red and leaves you wanting more,” the brewery says.
  • Out of The Oak – A honeyberry mixed culture saison that was aged in neutral oak puncheons with saison yeast, Brettanomyces, and Lactobacillus, Bent Paddle describes this beer as bright, funky, and tart. A limited offering.

Birch’s On The Lake

  • Galaxy IPA – This West Coast-style SMaSH IPA is made with Golden Promise barley and Galaxy hops. 6.4% ABV.
  • Maibock – A 7.0% ABV golden German-style lager with a malt base.

Copper Trail Brewing Co.

  • Goodnight Loon – A coffee stout with chocolate and molasses notes up front and a dry chocolate plus roast finish. 6.1% ABV, 46 IBU.
  • Java the Nut – Another coffee beer, this is a nut brown ale paired with localled cold brewed coffee. 5.7% ABV, 24 IBU.

Dangerous Man Brewing Company

  • Strawberry Honey Belgian Blonde – “This Belgian Blonde saw its secondary fermentation atop a bed of strawberries and local honey in fresh Sauvignon Blanc Barrels. The result is a juicy, strawberry fruit roll-up with a Belgian twist,” says the brewery. Available in DM’s growler shop starting at noon on March 11.

Drastic Measures Brewing

  • Drastic Times – This is a Vienna-style lager with German malt, a smooth body, and an ABV at 5.5%.
  • Floggy – A double dry-hopped and hazy double IPA featuring Citra, Galaxy, and Nelson Sauvin hops. 8% ABV.
  • Ghosted – An American lager made with Pilsner malt and flaked corn. 5.25% ABV.
  • Squirrel Master – A 5.8% ABV American stout with roast, caramel, chocolate, and coffee flavors (no adjuncts).

Eastlake Craft Brewery

  • Kirby Pucker #24 – Top Flight selection.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

  • Such Is Mango – A hazy IPA made with an experimental cryo hop blend from YCH. The recipe leads to a big mango flavor without the actual fruit. 6.3% ABV.
  • Vienna Lager – The taproom staple is hitting liquor stores again, now in 16-ounce cans.

HeadFlyer Brewing

  • DDH Wicked Jump Shot – Top Flight selection.
  • Triple Berry Baby – A sour ale made with blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Part of the Crushable Kettle Sour series, this fruity and tart beer is on draft and sold in Crowlers.

Junkyard Brewing Co.   

  • For Heaven’s Cakes – “A strawberry angel food cake sour,” Junkyard explains.

Lakeville Brewing Co.   

  • Nerf Herder – A schwarzbier, “Just a handful of roasted malt gives this beer its black hue, a hint of dark chocolate and light roast coffee flavor,” the brewpub says. 5.4% ABV.
  • Better Off Red – An Irish red-inspired ale with British Isle malts and New York-grown hops. 7.9% ABV.

Lift Bridge Brewing Company   

  • Mango Blonde – It’s already Mango Blonde season at the Stillwater taproom.

LTD Brewing

  • Passion Splash – “Our newest fruited kettle sour utilizes the freshest of mango, raspberry, and passion fruit purées that bring out the best of what a sour has to offer. Fruity, tart, and juicy as ever. Perfect pairing for any and all upcoming Spring festivities!” says the brewery. 4.5% ABV.
  • S’more Coffee Nightmare – “S’more Coffee Nightmare anyone? As we say goodbye to our caramel mocha rendition of our coffee nightmare series do not worry, there’s always s’more. Infused with s’mores cold press coffee, this coffee stout is sure to be the perfect treat for all you insomniacs out there,” says the brewery. 6.4% ABV.
  • Blueberry & Vanilla Nightmare Irish Stout – A blend of Nightmare Irish Dry Stout and fan-favorite Muffin Top Blueberry Blonde in Crowlers for Firkin Friday at LTD Brewing.

Luce Line Brewing

  • Heartland – A hefeweizen with fruity banana notes and a hint of clove.

Lupulin Brewing Company

Big Beer Week runs March 7–14 this year (tickets required), falling under two Freshies calendars for those who are keeping close track.  The Sioux Falls taproom will also celebrate, with a different lineup/schedule. Breaking our normal alphabetical arrangement, we’re sharing Big Beer Week’s listing in chronological order.

Monday, March 8:

  • Bottle Release – Whiskey Nuts 2021: A 13% ABV brown ale aged in whiskey barrels. Sold in 750-milliliter bottles.
  • Draft Releases – Whiskey Nuts 2020, Whiskey Nuts 2021, Sycophant
  • Infusion – Whiskey Nuts with Oranges and Cranberries

Tuesday, March 9:

  • Draft Releases – Coffee Shop Assault Vehicle, Whiskey Demigod ‘20, BA Doppelbock
  • Infusion – Coffee Shop Assault Vehicle Mexican Mole

Wednesday, March 10:

  • Bottle Release – Barrel God 2021 Woodford Reserve: A 14% ABV imperial stout aged in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels. Available in 750-milliliter bottles.
  • Draft Releases – Barrel God 2021 Woodford Reserve, Barrel God 2018, BA Lateralus 2020
  • Infusion – Barrel God w/ Swiss Cake Rolls

Thursday, March 11:

  • Bottle Release – Barrel God 2021 Four Roses: An eye-popping 15% ABV Four Roses bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout.
  • Draft Releases – Barrel God 2021 Four Roses, Barrel God 2019, Rus 2018
  • Infusion – Rubus Cubus Raspberry Pie

Friday, March 12:

  • Crowler Release – Strictly Illegal: An 11% ABV triple IPA.
  • Draft Releases – Strictly Illegal, Night Witch, Antsy in our Pantsy
  • Infusion – Belgian Quad w/ Oatmeal Cream Pies

Saturday, March 13:

  • Bottle Release – Barrel God Cuvee 2020/2021 Blend
  • Draft Releases – Barrel God Cuvee 2020/2021 Blend, William the Conqueror, BA William the Conqueror
  • Infusion – Lateralus Cacao & Coconut w/ Almond Joy Candy Bars

Sunday, March 14:

  • Infusion – BA Imperial Chocolate Truffle w/ Count Chocula Cereal

Mankato Brewery

  • Baltic Porter – A malt-forward porter with smoke and acidic fruit notes. Available in Mankato’s latest sampler pack now.
  • Haymaker  IPA – The IPA is back in Mankato’s current sampler pack. This old school offering features a malty base with crisp and bright hop character to round it out.

Modist Brewing Co.

  • Fit & Finish – “An altbier with Pilsner, Munich—and roasted wheat malts hopped with Bravo and Hallertau Mittelfrüh then aged in our oak foeders,” Modist says. On tap today at the brewery.

Oliphant Brewing   

  • Gobias Coffee – Black ale with coffee
  • Party on Garth – Black ale
  • Party on Wayne – Blonde ale
  • Truck Buddies – A blackberry milkshake-style IPA.

OMNI Brewing Co.

  • Couch Potato – Top Flight selection.
  • Melt Smoothie Sour – A new smoothie sour ale on tap this week.

Portage Brewing

  • Mango Sticky Rice, NEIPA with Mango and Coconut – Back again but with a whole new look! Mango Sticky Rice has become an annual tradition for us and we’re pretty dang excited to have ourselves a tall glass of this famous SE Asian inspired treat,” says the brewery. 7% ABV.
  • Sunday Mornings, Tart Ale with Blueberries and Maple – Sunday mornings are for french toast and pancakes, or at least it is in a few of our houses. Made with blueberry puree, maple syrup, and fenugreek seeds, this beer is full of juicy fruit and maple character,” says the brewery. 4.5% ABV
  • Favorite Things, Tart Ale with Strawberry, mango, Pineapple, and Vanilla – “There’s a certain kind of pink candy that we love more than others out there. We can’t say exactly, but it’s packed with notes of creamy strawberry and tropical fruits. Introducing our next round of tart ales, made with strawberry, mango, and pineapple puree, alongside a bunch of vanilla beans,” says the brewery. 4.5% ABV.
  • Mirra, Oak Fermented Lager – Here’s another recipe we dreamed up while homebrewing during our 2019 rebuild. This lager was made with German malts, American Centennial hops, and cold fermented and lagered on white oak. Big notes of floral and citrus, with a caramel and wood tannin providing some backup. Nice and complex amber lager beer, perfect for Spring,” says the brewery. 5.2% ABV.

Pryes Brewing Co.   

  • Lost Moon – A Russian imperial stout, on tap at the brewery now and also sold in bottles. Pryes describes this annual release as “Forebodingly dark, but as smooth as a gentle breeze, this rich concoction of roasted malts and Belgian candy sugar lays thick on your palate with notes of cocoa and caramel.”

Rustech Brewing

  • Hairy Fairy – An Irish red ale that taps on Saturday, March 13, and pours at 6.5% ABV, 20 IBU. To continue the St. Patrick’s Day theme, Luminate blonde ale will also be served green on Saturday.

  • Steel Beats – A vanilla Jamaican rum milk stout that pours at 5.6% ABV, 23 IBU. Limited.

Shakopee BrewHall

  • The Riveter – Irish cream ale

Snarky Loon Brewing Co. 

A new brewery opened this week in Jenkins, with the following lineup. Descriptions are courtesy of their webpage. Upcoming beers include a sour, an Irish amber, a hefeweizen, and a double black IPA.

  • Bobber Red IPA – Hoppy and bitter with caramel, toffee, and dark fruit flavors, the brewery says. 6.2% ABV, 62 IBU.
  • Dirty Loon Porter – Malty and dark in color, with a “Sweet lasting finish, with hints of almond and caramel,” the brewery says 6.0% ABV, 40 IBU.
  • Kolsch – Crisp and clean with subdued malt presence and subtle fruitiness. 4.5% ABV, 25 IBU.
  • WaveRider Imperial Pale Ale – A SMaSH double IPA that is pale, hoppy, and balanced, Snarky Loon says. 7.5% ABV, 45 IBU.

Stone Brewing   

  • Dayfall Belgian White – Pouring a hazy, golden hue with a white yead, “The flavor is ripe with citrus up front followed by floral and light herbal notes. Orange, spice and honey are present in the aroma, alongside subtle notes of graham cracker. It’s slightly tart with a smooth lingering citrus finish,” Stone says. 5.5% ABV

Surly Brewing Company

  • Give the Devil His Due – A “diabolical, double-dry-hopped double IPA” from Surly’s Small Batch series. Available in March and April.

The Supreme variety pack is out now, featuring the familiar Grapefruit Supreme, plus three new varieties.

  • Black Cherry Supreme
  • Key Lime Supreme
  • Mango Supreme

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company   

  • Stay Puffed – The “rice cereal bar”-inspired treat beer is back at Tin Whiskers this weekend.
  • Every Day Is Pi Day – A limited offering red ale with homemade pecan pie filling. Celebrate Pi Day, March 14, with Pi beer.

Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.   

  • Barrel Aged Stout Hawks – A barrel-aged stout inspired by a caramel pecan chocolate bar. “Imagine a turtle Bundt cake topped with vanilla ice cream and a double dose of roasted pecans,” the Iowa brewery says. Bottle sales begin on Saturday, March 13.
  • Kaiju Clash – A stout aged in bourbon barrels for 20 months with added vanilla beans and coffee, “We get notes of vanilla frosting, dark chocolate, and freshly frothed espresso upfront, that gently segues into bourbon drizzled brownies,” the brewery adds. Also available in limited supply, starting on March 13.

Torg Brewery   

  • Kilted Yoga – Top Flight selection.

Unmapped Brewing Co.

  • Schnitzendunkel – A malty, dark in color, German-style dunkel with toasted bread notes. 5.2% ABV.

Utepils Brewing Co.

  • Spingbok – The spring seasonal Helles bock is on tap now and will also be sold in 4-packs for a limited time.

Venn Brewing Company

  • Ker-Plunk – A bright, juicy sour ale with strawberry and hibiscus, then dry-hopped with Lemon Drop and Hallertau Blanc. 5.9% ABV, 0 IBU.

Waldmann Brewery

  • Doppelbock – The featured beer at the 2nd Annual Bierstahlen Festival, or beer poking ceremony, on March 13. This is a strong, rich, and malt-forward lager with added carmelized flavored post-poke.

Wild Mind Ales   

  • Washbus – A new oak foeder-aged pre-Prohibition-style Pilsner then aged in oak lagering foeders for six weeks that offers cracker, corn, citrus peel, lemongrass, and floral notes.

Beers just announced

Angry Inch Brewing   

  • Resolution Ale – Set to tap soon, Angry Inch says. Half of the batch is being aged in French oak Chardonnay barrels for later introduction.

Arbeiter Brewing   

  • Sucker Punch IPL – Marked as “coming soon” on the brewery’s beer board, this was made with Citiva hops.
  • Maibock – Brewed this week with Witch Hunt of Minneapolis in honor of International Women’s Day, this spring seasonal will make its debut soon.

Barrel Theory Beer Company   

  • Things We Don’t Say IPA – In an awareness campaign spearheaded by Eagle Park Brewing, Malteurop Malting Company, Hollingbery & Son, Inc. hop company, and Hope For The Day, several breweries will be sharing a recipe for a new IPA to debut this May (or later). Barrel Theory is alphabetically the first of many Minnesota breweries on the list of participants, with more expected.

Bent Brewstillery   

  • Gïga Lüpin – The 10% ABV triple IPA returns at the brewstillery on March 26. Sweet malt interplays with hop-driven notes of lychee, mango and papaya along with citrus and dank tones. 100+ IBU.

Bent Paddle Brewing Co.   

  • Hefeweizen – Adventure Pack No. 4, coming at the end of the month, marks the first time this Bavarian-style wheat ale will be canned Expect traditional notes of banana, clove, and bubblegum.

Dangerous Man Brewing Co

  • Things We Don’t Say IPA – An upcoming beer brewed to raise awareness of mental health concerns. Date of availability is still to be determined. The recipe was created by Eagle Park Brewing & Distilling Co.

Kinney Creek Brewery

  • Things We Don’t Say IPA – An upcoming beer brewed to raise awareness of mental health concerns. Date of availability is still to be determined.

Lake Monster Brewing

Double Dry-Hopped IPA – The brewery just packaged a new double IPA it describes as “fruity and resinous with just enough dankness.” More details to come soon.

  • Kelly’s Red IPA – Back soon.
  • Pomegranate Hibiscus Sour Ale – In the tanks and coming soon, the brewery says in its latest newsletter.
  • Things We Don’t Say IPA – An upcoming beer brewed to raise awareness of mental health concerns. Date of availability is still to be determined.

Modist Brewing Co.   

  • Innocence & Decadence – A red velvet cake-inspired imperial red that was brewed with cocoa nibs, milk sugar, cream cheese, and vanilla. To be sold in limited bottles, Modist opens its raffle on Monday at 9am. The beer itself will tap at Modist next Wednesday, March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day).

OMNI Brewing Co.   

  • Things We Don’t Say IPA – An upcoming beer brewed to raise awareness of mental health concerns. Date of availability is still to be determined.
  • Razz –A hard seltzer made with real fruit, the brewery says its next batch has increased the fruit dose.

Pantown Brewing Company   

  • Things We Don’t Say IPA – An upcoming beer brewed to raise awareness of mental health concerns. Date of availability is still to be determined.

Saint Paul Brewing   

  • Things We Don’t Say IPA – An upcoming beer brewed to raise awareness of mental health concerns. Date of availability is still to be determined.

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company   

  • Things We Don’t Say IPA – An upcoming beer brewed to raise awareness of mental health concerns. Date of availability is still to be determined.

Uncommon Loon Brewing Company   

  • Things We Don’t Say IPA – An upcoming beer brewed to raise awareness of mental health concerns. Date of availability is still to be determined.

Waconia Brewing Company   

  • Easter Egg Flashpoint – To tap on March 27.
  • Green Kölsch – Available St. Patrick’s Day, next Wednesday.
  • Laketown Brown – To tap on Tuesday, March 16.
  • Maibock – Coming April 13.
  • Women’s Day IPA – Scheduled to debut on April 6.

Wooden Hill Brewing Company   

  • Cinnamon Crunch Brown Ale – Back for a limited time by the end of the month.

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