Matthew Rosati, co-founder of Chanhassen Brewing Company • Photo by Jordan Wipf

Matthew Rosati, co-founder of Chanhassen Brewing Company • Photo by Jordan Wipf

Chanhassen has a small skatepark, plenty of coffee shops, local boutiques, and a collection of restaurants—but Laura and Matthew Rosati felt the town was missing one crucial piece to the community puzzle: a brewery.

The husband-and-wife duo took matters into their own hands and became founders and executive officers of Chanhassen Brewing Company, which is set to open April 15.

“I was talking with a fellow Chanhassen firefighter and beer lover and we agreed that our town could really use a brewery,” says Matthew Rosati. “And that’s really how this journey began!”

The path to opening day wasn’t a straight shot. Originally, the Rosatis had planned on purchasing a plot of land along Highway 5. However, after proposals, finding investors, and raising money, the pandemic threw a wrench into the process.

With banks being less willing to provide loans and with uncertain supply chain timing, Rosati made the decision to find an existing building for the brewery rather than building one from scratch. About a year prior to making this decision, the Chanhassen Perkins had closed down.

“The timing was right and the building had come down in price,” explains Rosati. “So, I jumped on the opportunity.”

Chanhassen Brewing Company occupies a former Perkins restaurant • Photo by Jordan Wipf

Chanhassen Brewing Company occupies a former Perkins restaurant • Photo by Jordan Wipf

The entire operation is approximately 5,000-square-feet. The taproom alone is 2,500-square-feet and has room for about 160 people. However, COVID-19 restrictions will allow for 75% capacity by the time Chanhassen Brewing Company officially opens in April.

“The Perkins vibe is gone,” laughs Rosati. “Which I am really thankful about!”

The green decor and laminate booths from the Perkins era have been replaced with a natural stone bar, long tables, a fireplace, leather couches, and TVs. The taproom is modern, industrial, and has large garage doors that lead to the patio on the west side of the building.

The brewery, which takes up about half of the space at 2,500-square feet is equipped with a 3.5-barrel system with 6 tanks.

“I have quite a bit of room to grow,” describes Rosati. “I’m hoping to upgrade to a 5- or 10-barrel system eventually.”

Max Filter, who used to be head brewer at Dual Citizen, will serve as head brewer at Chanhassen Brewing Company. Both Rosati and Filter are driven to brew beer that everyone can enjoy.

“Whether you don’t know a lot about beer or you’re passionate about the craft,” says Rosati. “I want everyone to have a good time here and have the ability to enjoy a beverage.”

Chanhassen Brewing Company's taproom opens on April 15 • Photo by Jordan Wipf

Chanhassen Brewing Company’s taproom opens on April 15 • Photo by Jordan Wipf

For opening day, Chanhassen will have nine beers on tap, including five recipes Rosati created when he was homebrewing in his garage. Eventually, Rosati and Filter want to add barrel-aged beers and seltzers to the tap collection as well.

“We have room for 16 taps, so I definitely have room to expand in the future,” explains Rosati. “Plus, with my smaller brewing system, we can experiment a little more without it being a huge commitment.

To accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, Chanhassen Brewing Company will have Crowlers and growlers available for takeout, online ordering for pickup, and limited capacity taproom seating.

“However folks decide they want to enjoy our beer,” expresses Rosati. “We’re just excited to bring a craft beer hub to Chanhassen!”

Chanhassen Brewing Company will have nine beers on tap for opening day • Photo by Jordan Wipf

Chanhassen Brewing Company will have nine beers on tap for opening day • Photo by Jordan Wipf

Brewer: Max Filter

Beer: Golden Prairie Golden Ale, Chanhoppenin’ Hazy IPA, Station 3 Stout, Red Birds Chasmere Red IPA, Arboretum Wheat Ale with Ginger and Yuzu, Storm Blackberry Sour Ale, Earl Grey Rye Ale, MN’ Go Belgian with Mango, Ya Betcha Belgian Abbey Ale

Address: 951 W 78th Street, Chanhassen, MN 55371

Hours: Tue–Thu: 4–10 pm; Fri: 2 pm–Midnight; Sat: Noon–Midnight; Sunday: Noon–8 pm

Connect: Website, Facebook, Instagram