We’re super excited to host you and your friends for Winter Beer Dabbler 2022! Whether it’s your first time at one of our festivals or you’re a seasoned Dabbler just looking for a refresher, we’ve got all the info you need to know coming your way. Sit tight!

Talkin’ Tickets

First thing’s first: We’re still selling tickets for this event online! Buy yours now, we’ll wait!

Word to the wise: Scammers have targeted Winter Beer Dabbler ticket buyers in the past. We cannot guarantee any tickets purchased via the secondary market. The best and safest way to get your Winter Beer Dabbler tickets is to purchase them directly from us!

Now that you’ve got your tickets, we highly recommend that you print them at home. While we can scan your tickets off of your phone, printed tickets are a lot easier for us to scan and help our lines move faster. If you are planning to use your phone, please have your tickets ready to be scanned and your screen’s brightness turned all the way up!

Beer Dabbler App

Speaking of your phone, now would be a good time to download the Beer Dabbler app! Just search Beer Dabbler in the Apple Store and Google Play store to find it. Our app will help you find your favorite brewery on the festival grounds, search for beer styles that you’re into, and more!

If you’ve already downloaded our app on your phone for a previous festival, you may need to delete the app and download it again in order to receive the update. 

Pre-Wristbanding Parties

One great way to speed up your front gate experience and have a little pregaming fun is to hit up one of our pre-wristbanding parties before the festival starts! We’ll have volunteers stationed at Dual Citizen Brewing, Gabe’s Neighborhood Bar & Kitchen, Stout’s Pub, and Tipsy Steer Roseville that will check your tickets and IDs and get you the right wristband before you even arrive to the State Fairgrounds! Plus, each pre-wristbanding party will feature shuttles to and from the event!

Transportation and Parking

If you plan on driving to Winter Beer Dabbler, check out the free state fair parking lots off of Como Ave. south of the Fairgrounds as well as directly north of the West End Market off Randall. Taking a taxi or a rideshare? Have them drop you off at the Como avenue gate but remember, there could be surge pricing and longer waits, especially on the way home. As always, we recommend checking out public transportation if you’re able!

Front Gate

Photo by Tony Saunders

Once you arrive at the State Fairgrounds, you’re going to want to enter through the main gates on Snelling or the Como Avenue gates. Follow the signs inside to Winter Beer Dabbler festival gates and get in line with your IDs (State Driver’s License, State ID, Valid Passport, Active Military ID, or Valid Tribal ID) and tickets out and ready to be scanned. You’re almost there! Remember: Bags are allowed, but subject to search. No outside food, unless it’s hanging around your neck on a snacklace. We do allow sealed or empty water bottles!

Activities and Food

Some of our Beer Dabbler crew after a game of Human Bubble Hockey in the Wonderdome

Once inside the festival, make sure you check out all the activities! You can get your dance party on at one of our 4 DJ stages, play Human Bubble Hockey against your friends in the WonderDome, watch your favorite local breweries compete for supremacy at American Brewer Warrior, see live snow sculpting and chainsaw carving, and more! Getting hungry? Winter Beer Dabbler 2022 will have 12 food trucks slinging everything from perogies to pupusas!

End of the Night

Photo by Aaron Davidson

Finally, remember this: Last call for sample pours will be at 6:15pm and our festival ends at 6:30 sharp. Once the festival is over, please leave the fairgrounds promptly so we don’t have to give you the boot. Also, please, please don’t be one of those goons that smashes their sample glass on the way out. Not only are you wasting a great souvenir, you’re also endangering your fellow attendees. Not cool.

Make sure you’ve got a safe ride home, drink a lot of water, and don’t dabble on an empty stomach. We’ll see ya there!