Welcome to Beer Dabbler’s Freshies, our weekly rundown on the newest beers hitting the store shelves and taproom coolers in Minnesota from your favorite local and national breweries. 

Badger Hill is throwing a 10-year party this weekend, complete with beers many of us remember from the early days of the Shakopee-by-way-of-Minnetonka brewery that launched in an alternating proprietorship with Bad Weather and Lucid (Inbound). The lineup showcases how the beer scene has changed, but not entirely. Freshies is filled with updated flagship releases this week, brand new year-round recipes, and even a non-alcoholic take on one familiar local favorite.

Kettle sours, tropical IPAs, and summer ciders are also plentiful as we begin to hear rumblings of the coming Oktoberfest onslaught.

Each week, the Beer Dabbler team highlights five of the most tantalizing new beers that we’re most excited to try.

Badger Hill Foundation Stout – Returning this Saturday as the brewery celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Moose Lake Slow Your Row – A 5% ABV cherry Berliner weisse.

Nouvelle New Zealand Pilsner – A 5.2% ABV Pilsner brewed with New Zealand Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin hops for notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, and gooseberries.

Number 12 Cider Contraband – A hopped dry cider with notes of peach, citrus, mint, Fruity Pebbles, and spruce tips, the cidery explains. 6.5% ABV.

Portage Hills & Horizons – “Three of our top hops used in 2022 have made their way into a beer,” the brewery says of this 6.6% ABV West Coast-style IPA with assertive bitterness and note of strawberry taffy, orange peel, and berry tea. Available at Dabbler Depot.

Now Available for purchase at Dabbler Depot, 1545 7th St W, St. Paul, MN 55102

BlackStack Brewing

  • Speaker City Cold School IPA
  • Open Bar DDH DIPA
  • Who Put You On? DIPA For Otis

Brewing Projekt

  • Squeeze and Crush Lager with Lime and Sea Salt
  • Mejor Vida Mexican-Style Lager with Orange Blossom Honey

Karben4 Brewing

  • Fantasy Factory IPA
  • Finland Finnish Sahti
  • Ireland Irish Dry Stout
  • Happy Silly Time Froggin’ Awesome Fruited Sour Ale with Fig, Raspberry, Orange, and Ginger

Oliphant Brewing

  • Frankenstein Pot West Coast–style IPA
  • Cheep IPA
  • Now With S’more Talent Stout with Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, Cacao Nibs, and Smores Flavor

Portage Brewing

  • Above the Clouds TDH New England IPA
  • It’s a Vibe Coconut Stout
  • Minna Farmhouse Table Beer
  • Zero Day Lime Light American Lager

Une Annee

  • Le Seul VII American Wild Ale Fermented with Mango

Young Blood Beer Co.

  • Make It Eight Dude West Coast Pale Ale
  • We Met On Sugar River NEIPA

New beers available this week

A-Side Public House

  • Cool Beans – A coffee sour ale, steeped with 30 pounds of Drip Drip from The Get Down. Overall, the beer is hazy in appearance with tart flavors and coffee aromas. 4.6% ABV.

Alloy Brewing Company

  • Bloody Beers – Ben’s MN Martini (tapped last week), a light lager with olive juice, gets the full bloody mary treatment with fixings this weekend only (limited hours).
  • Hard Rapids Strawberry Lime – A new 5.6% ABV hard seltzer flavor.

Badger Hill Brewing Company

  • Foundation Stout – Top Flight selection.
  • High Road Everyday Ale – Another throwback beer to tap at Saturday’s anniversary party.

Canal Park Brewing Company

  • Superior Swell – “A wheat ale, soured in the kettle to produce a clean bright sour flavor and then infused with 425 lbs of Oregon peaches to balance the tartness,” the Duluth brewpub says. Tapped in early July.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

  • Extreme Leisure – A 4% ABV guava and passion fruit sour ale.
  • Vienna Lager – Back on tap now.

Fulton Brewing Co.

  • NA Lonely Blonde – A <0.5% ABV variant of Fulton’s flagship blonde ale, made in collaboration with ABV Technology.

Heavy Rotation Brewing Co.

  • Bombtrack – A 10% ABV triple IPA, on tap now.

Jack Pine Brewery

  • Neon Pink Cotton Candy Cream Ale – A pink ale brewed for Jack Pine’s sixth anniversary, “This glowingly pink ale has a noticeable flavor and aroma of the spun sugary concoction without being too overbearing,” the brewery says. 4.6% ABV and available this Friday (hitting stores too).

Keepsake Cidery

  • Adventure Cider Blend – A still cider sold in 1.5-liter bags, the 2021 vintage recently hit stores.

Lakeville Brewing Co.   

  • Raspberry Hefeweizen – A hefeweizen with local raspberries, adding tart flavors to this refreshing beer. On tap on Monday and also pouring at All Pints North next week.
  • Sonneschein Hefeweizen – A 5.3% ABV German-style wheat ale. Available today.
  • Yawntalk Strawberry Sour ’22 – “The latest in our Yawntalk series of fruited kettle sours,” the brewery says. 4.3% ABV.

Loons Landing Brewery

Opening this weekend in Savage, Loons Landing will pour the following debut beers:

  • Anti-Scurvy Elixir – American IPA
  • Autumn’s Early Arrival – blonde ale
  • Damned Squirrel – A British-style brown ale
  • Don’t Bother Me – Cream ale with blueberries
  • Smoking on 36th Street – An English-style porter served on nitro.
  • Whipped Cloud

Minneapolis Brewing Company

  • Cucumber Mint – This 5.0% ABV semi-sweet cider was made with fresh cucumber and mint, for herbal and honeydew melon flavors.

Moose Lake Brewing Company

  • Slow Your Row – Top Flight selection.

Nine Mile Brewing Company

  • Raspberry Lemon Sour – A tart, sour wheat ale with Minnesota malt, plus raspberries and lemon. 5.4% ABV.

Nouvelle Brewing

  • Czech My Drip – Top Flight selection.
  • Dank Goodness – “This tropical IPA was fermented with a thiol-releasing yeast for pungent passionfruit and guava notes with a dank cannabis finish,” the brewery says. 7% ABV.
  • Fram Dunk – A smooth and juicy hazy double IPA fermented on Kveik yeast. At 8% ABV, the beer has melon, stonefruit, grapefruit, and tropical flavors.
  • New Zealand Pils – Top Flight selection.
  • Princess Peach – A bright and tangy sour ale fruited with peach, grapefruit, and blood orange. 4% ABV.
  • Tonica Released – A sour gose ale inspired by the Gin and Tonic, made with chef Tim McKee. “Tonica pours rosé with citrus peel, juniper, and coriander on the nose. The sip brings a tart and complex bouquet of citrus peels, tonic water, juniper and cardamom with a hint of lime and hibiscus, finishing like a beer with soft bready notes from wheat and pilsner,” the brewery says.

Number 12 Cider

  • Contraband – Top Flight selection.

Oliphant Brewing

OMNI Brewing Co.

  • Amadeus – “Amber with garnet highlights and an off-white head,” OMNI says, “plus Caramel and bready aromatics lead the way with just a touch of stone fruit in the background.” 5.3% ABV, 18 IBU.
  • Cream Sota – A 4.9% ABV vanilla cream ale collaboration with Sota clothing.

Pantown Brewing Company

  • Fizzy Lifting Drink
  • Key Lime Pie & Mango

PawPrint Brewery

  • Alpha Dog – A 5.5% ABV, 20 IBU New England-style IPA.
  • Funky Fi-Do – A lager with banana and fudge. 5% ABV, 14 IBU.
  • Old Yeller – The 5% ABV, 20 IBU “soda cream ale” is back on tap.

Portage Brewing Company

  • Above the Clouds – Sultana Salvo, Galaxy, Citra Cryo, El Dorado, and Sabro hops are all included in this 7% ABV New England-style IPA with notes of pineapple, pear jelly beans, and orange, the brewery says.
  • Hills & Horizons – Top Flight selection.
  • I Know Places    – Grapefruit, lime, and tajin were used in this Paloma tart ale, inspired by the cocktail. 6.8% ABV. Available at Dabbler Depot.
  • Wilder Water – A new non-alcoholic sparkling botanical water with organic blueberry rooibos tea, organic lemon, and organic Mandarina Bavaria hops.

Pryes Brewing Co.

  • Raspberry Dream Cream Ale – A “sweet and tangy” cream ale with vanilla and raspberry.

Reads Landing Brewing Co.

  • Blufflands Blueberry Hefeweizen – A limited hefeweizen with blueberries.
  • Silver Star Drifter – An American brown ale described by the brewery as “Light on the palate, rich mahogany in color and subtle coffee and cocoa notes are balanced with a pleasant bitterness.”

Red Wing Brewery

  • Goodhue Farmhouse Ale – A summer seasonal from the pizza-focused Southeastern Minnesota brewpub.

Revel Brewing   

  • Muddy Mississippi Rye – A malt-forward amber ale with a slight spice finish, the brewery says.

Revelation Ale Works   

  • Margarita Seltzer – Back on tap.

Roets Jordan Brewery

  • Hard Arnold Palmer
  • Roets Cafe – Back on tap, as of last week.
  • Roets Cherry – Back for 2022 now.
  • Summer IPA – Recently returned to the rotation.
  • Tropical Sour

Torg Brewery

  • 5Bobs – “Nitro creamy smooth, roast malt, chocolate, and caramel goodness mingled with vanilla and orchid,” the brewery says.

Urban Growler Brewing Company

  • Urban Oasis Blonde Ale – New on tap and in cans today, “This blonde ale is velvety smooth, crisp and clean with slight fruit aromas,” the brewery says. 5.6% ABV, 16 IBU.

Wicked Wort Brewing Co.

  • Perfect Timing – A mango summer ale, available now.

Wild Mind Ales   

  • Beach Ball Burrito – Vanilla, marshmallow fluff, mango, and coconut, combined in a 6.5% ABV smoothie sour.
  • Cat’s Paw – A 6.4% ABV American-style farmhouse ale with herbal, dry, and woody notes, plus flavors of white grape, oak, cracked pepper, and honeydew, the brewery says.

Wild State Cider

  • Hazy Pink Pineapple Cider – A hazy and juicy cider with tropical pineapple and dragon fruit, available today and to be distributed in cans year-round.

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