appleRus Orchard & Distillery

3856 65th St. NE
Rochester, MN 55906


Jay and Tammy Clark's adventure began in 2011 with the planting of their first 300 apple trees.  Each year they have continued to plant and now have 12,500 apple trees planted in a high-density format. The idea to make their own specialty spirits came from wanting to make the orchard a more sustainable farm. A few years later with the guidance of List Distillery in Ft. Meyers, Florida, our first spirit was created. Made from apples developed by the University of Minnesota this handcrafted spirit offers a smooth crisp flavor just as the apple grown in our state are famous for. Spirits: Crisp Shine Moonshine, Apple Caramel Latte Liqueur, Apple Crisp Rum, Atomic Apple Cinnamon Rum, White Chocolate Liqueur. Open by appointment only.


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