Pride Beer Dabbler Entertainment

Music has always been an essential part of our festivals, and we’re proud to present a lineup of artists that reflect the incredible talent and creativity of our state’s LGBTQ+ music community.

Our musical performers for Pride Beer Dabbler 2021 are Shannon Blowtorch, booboo, and Timisarocker. Find out more info about them below!

Shannon Blowtorch

DJ Shannon Blowtorch is a fan favorite for the Pride community who known for her eclectic music collections and her incredible ability to read a crowd and keep the party bumping. Shannon has been named “Best Club DJ in the Twin Cities” countless times by local publications, and is guaranteed to bring the party to Pride Beer Dabbler 2021.


booboo is a non-binary Black trans woman interdisciplinary producer and musician based out of Minneapolis, MN. One of her main goals is to elevate the voices and visions of Trans Black artists in Minneapolis and beyond. booboo was selected as a City Pages Picked to Click artist in 2019 and has received critical acclaim from local and national publications for her boundary-pushing sound that incorporates elements of R&B, hip-hop and electronic music.


Named after the group’s charismatic lead singer Tim Dooley, TIMISAROCKER is a 4-piece punk-ish band from St. Paul, Minnesota. Thanks to a dynamic live show that fuses a pop sensibility with gritty punk rock energy, the band has gained a loyal following in the local music scene. TIMISAROCKER are all about breaking down barriers and advocating for those who suffer from mental illnesses, hoping that their music brings them peace of mind and reassures them that they are not alone.