The Age Verification Portal, resolutely defending breweries from advertising to minors for decades • Screenshot via Bad Weather Brewing Company

Anyone who’s ever clicked through a handful of brewery websites has likely encountered the stern wall of an age verification portal–but have you ever wondered what might happen if you clicked “No”?

During the late Aughts as craft beer experienced a meteoric growth intertwined with the explosion of the internet, the Brewers Association adopted a marketing and advertising code that strongly suggested their members utilize age verification to avoid marketing their goods to minors. However, craft beer’s impish spirit resulted in a delightful amount of malicious compliance as breweries found increasingly silly and bizarre corners of the internet to redirect their “Under 21” website visitors to.

Unfortunately, the sun appears to be setting on the heyday of the brewery redirect. Less than half of the websites we visited while researching this article (oh yes, we did research) featured age verification. Of that percentage, many were simple widgets that left us with a pedestrian “You are not old enough to view this website” message. Lame.

This is our salute to the good folks of the Upper Midwest beer scene that are keeping the dying art of the Under 21 Redirect alive. Stay golden, you wonderful weirdos.

The Bizarrely Catchy One: Drekker Brewing Company

Like many of the best redirects on this list, Drekker’s age verification portal sends under 21 folks to a deeply strange part of YouTube. This one involves He Man, falsetto, and 4 Non Blondes.

The “Awwwwwww!” One: Unmapped Brewing

While we love the risky thrill of a blind link hidden behind an austere “No” button, we have a lot of respect for the folks at Unmapped Brewing, who spell out exactly where they’re sending you with an irresistible “Bring on the Puppies!”.

The One That Gives You Profound Doubts About The Mental Health of British Children’s Television Creators: Pipeworks Brewing Co.

Chicago’s Pipeworks Brewing Co. sends their under 21 visitors to an episode of Boobah on YouTube. The internet informs us that Boobah was a children’s show from the creators of Teletubbies that aired in the UK in the early 2000s. Boobah is deeply, deeply troubling.

The One That Makes Us Thirsty for a Non-Beer: Zymurgy Brewing

Zymurgy Brewing Company in Menomine’s redirect hits us right in the nostalgia bone by sending us to the website of a certain pouch-based beverage company beloved by millennials the world over.

The One With An Awesome Musical Reference:  Marto Brewing Co.

Rest in peace to the Night Tripper himself, Mac “Dr. John” Rebbenack, whose 1973 hit song provides a lyrically appropriate message to any underage people that attempt to access the website of Sioux City’s Marto Brewing Co.

The One That Was Ruined by Lebron James: Bad Weather Brewing Company

Our Saint Paul neighbors at Bad Weather used to be able to redirect their under 21 visitors to a beautiful, unspoiled relic of the stone age of the internet: The original Space Jam website. Now, due to a pointless and joyless reboot of that classic film, the joke is spoiled. Shame on you, Warner Brothers.

The Psychedelically Hypnotic One: Revolution Brewing Company

After spending 6 hours starting completely transfixed at the YouTube video that Chicago’s Revolution Brewing Company redirected us to, we’re overcome by a sudden urge to sell all our material possessions, buy stock in Malort, and live in a tent outside of Wrigley Field.

The One That Makes Us Irrationally Excited: Scorched Earth Brewing Company

Algonquin, Illinois’ Scorched Earth Brewing Company redirects us to a YouTube video from a simpler, kinder time on the internet: 2016. Back then, a charismatic youth could capture the hearts of millions and launch a global phenomenon with the simple flick of a wrist.

The Surprisingly Wholesome One: Karben4 Brewing

Sporting a turbocharged aesthetic heavily influenced by internet culture, Madison’s Karben4 Brewing were a natural fit for an edgy, memed-out under 21 redirect. Instead, these merry pranksters merely send folks to the website of a classic kids show that celebrates, among other things, backpacks.

The “Whoa That’s Pretty Meta” One: MORE Brewing Company

Clicking “No” on MORE Brewing’s website redirect send you to your own email client and prompts you to email MORE to inform them that you can’t access their website because you’re under 21. Top marks for innovating within the genre here, but we can’t help but wonder how many of these emails MORE’s inbox receives per week.