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    Lock in your tickets to the next three iterations of our premier craft beer festivals and score a host of bonus perks too! The Beer Dabbler Festival Season Pass includes:
    • One Winter Beer Dabbler Early Access ticket (Value $75)
    • One Beer Dabbler at Twin Cities Pride Fast Lane Entry ticket (Value $60)
    • One Summer Beer Dabbler Early Access ticket (Value $75)
    • 1-year subscription to our DabblerTV web video channel (Value $100)
    • Festival Season Pass Enamel Pin
    • Monthly discounts and deals at select local breweries and partnering businesses
    • Invitations to exclusive tasting events for pass holders only

  • Renowned homebrewer Michael Dawson's Mashmaker is a collection of 64 witty and detailed homebrew recipes, each amended with options for the brewer to customize each beer.

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