Saison 1858 Glass

Saison 1858 Glass

Saison 1858 Glass


This stout little glass is not only great with Brasserie du Bocq's Saison 1858, but may just transport you to the Belgian countryside magically as you enjoy a saison after a long days work in the fields. Saison's were originally created and given to seasonal workers as payment. These workers were called Siasonniers, and they would enjoy this distinctly Belgian ale.


About the beer (from Brasserie du Bocq):


"Lager unfiltered with a hint of wheat and a stong bitterness, very refreshing."


  • Appearance : Blond
  • Aroma : fruitig (citrus) en hoppig
  • Taste : Fresh rather bitter, hoppy and fruity
  • Comments : Non-filtred.


  • Alcohol degree : 6,4 % alc.vol.
  • Packaging: : 33cl, 75 cl