Soaring Sleds at the 11th Annual Winter Beer Dabbler

For the first time ever this year, MN’s largest beer festival is taking our live entertainment to new heights with the Soaring Sleds Snowmobile Expo, sponsored by August Schell Brewing and Beaver Island Brewing Company.

Dabbler attendees will be able to witness snowmobile freestyle athletes like Ryan Adrian, Dan Schaffer, and Josh Stewardt fly through the air and perform thrilling tricks over the Midway at the State Fairgrounds with several heats throughout the afternoon. From backflips to full-body extensions that take the rider nearly all the way off their sled, these stunts must be seen to be believed!

DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip will be providing party-ready tunes at our DJ stage, which will be located next to the ramps that our freestyle athletes will be launching their jumps from. Our talented snow-carvers at House of Thune will also be performing a live carving of DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip next to the DJ stage, because the only thing better than one Tiiiiiiiiiip is two Tiiiiiiiiiips!

Please check back later for information.