Dabbler in a Box Breakdown

Your Dabbler in a Box purchase directly supports local craft beer, here's how: 

We are so sincerely grateful to every person who has helped The Beer Dabbler continue to support the craft beer scene in the upper Midwest during these trying times by purchasing Dabbler in a Box. Your dollars have already provided a much needed boost to the breweries and cideries we've featured in our series so far, and with your continued support, we promise to help many, many more. 

Because it's important to us to be transparent, we created an infographic to show where your Dabbler in a Box dollars go, here's a quick breakdown: 

  • Participating Brewery and Cidery Revenue: 
    • We partner with Surdyk's to purchase the beer and cider that goes into your boxes. This revenue is a significant boost for our participating breweries and cideries, especially during the pandemic. 
  • Production Costs:  
    • Our Beer Dabbler team assembles and packs every single Dabbler in Box by hand, and we also produce a high quality, four-episode video series for each box to enrich your sampling experience.
  • Surdyk's Revenue: 
    • We partner with Surdyk's to ensure that your box pickup is convenient and easy, and that your beers stay fresh until you decide to drink them.
  • Beer Dabbler Revenue
    • Until it's safe for us to host beer festivals again, Dabbler in a Box remains our only source of revenue to keep operations running at The Beer Dabbler. Your continued support is essential for our small, locally-owned business. 
  • Dabbler in a Box Video Series
    • In between packing your Dabbler in a Boxes with the good stuff, our small but dedicated video team travels around the midwest, conducting interviews with brewers and brewery staff to bring our box buyers compelling stories about their favorite beers and the people who make them. Think of it like a Netflix documentary featuring your favorite breweries!