Summer Beer Dabbler Entertainment

Live Music Lineup on the



DJ Shannon Blowtorch is a fan favorite for Beer Dabbler attendees, who is known for her eclectic music collections and her incredible ability to read a crowd and keep the party bumping. Shannon has been named “Best Club DJ in the Twin Cities” countless times by local publications, and is guaranteed to bring the party to Summer Beer Dabbler 2022.

DJ Shannon Blowtorch


Fresh off the release of their fantastic new album Water Valley High, local rockers Eleganza will bring their potent stew of ’70s boogie rock, punk, Americana and soul to Summer Beer Dabbler 2022. Eleganza’s local rock pedigree includes bands like The Midnight Evils, Chooglin’, and Romantica, and bassist Tony Zaccardi owns beloved West Bank watering hole Palmer’s Bar. Their high-octane shows have earned them a rep for being one of the best live bands in the Twin Cities!

Clear River DJ Stage:

Hold Your Lady Tight Night

DJ James Kaul hosts a successful country western dance party called Hold Your Lady Tight Night at big name venues all over town, but his musical taste doesn’t end at Nashville and Bakersfield. At Summer Beer Dabbler 2022, James will be spinning a fun mix of jams encompassing a wide variety of genres like disco, pop, classic rock, ’90s music, and country (of course)!

Hold Your Lady Tight Night