Frequently Asked Questions

Are there age restrictions?2024-07-08T15:19:31-05:00
Yes, all attendees must be 21+.
Is there parking available?2024-07-08T15:18:59-05:00
Yes, parking is available at the festival grounds. We encourage carpooling and the use of public transportation to reduce congestion.
Can I use cashless payments at the Doobie Dabbler?2024-07-08T15:18:31-05:00
Our food and beverage vendors will accept cashless payment. Cash may not be accepted at every vendor. ATMs will be on site.
Can I bring my own food and drinks?2024-07-08T15:17:55-05:00
No outside food or beverages are allowed. Water bottles are permitted.
What is the policy on drugs and alcohol?2024-07-08T15:17:23-05:00
Per Minnesota’s Cannabis Consumption laws, all products at the Doobie Dabbler contain < 0.3% hemp-derived THC, and no more than 5mg Delta-9 THC per serving. You must be 21+ to sample and purchase both cannabis and alcohol products at the Doobie Dabbler.
Are there medical services on-site?2024-07-08T15:16:37-05:00
Yes, there will be medical tents staffed with professionals throughout the festival grounds.
What is the designated driver wristband?2024-07-08T15:16:08-05:00
Designated drivers will be given a special wristband to wear for their entire time at the Doobie Dabbler. This wristband will signal to vendors who can and cannot participate in samples. Separate refreshments will be provided for those wearing the designated driver wristband.
Do I need to wear my wristband?2024-07-08T15:15:40-05:00
Yes, you need to wear your wristband for the entirety of your stay at the Doobie Dabbler.
What is the refund policy?2024-07-08T14:09:25-05:00
Tickets are non-refundable.
Are there VIP tickets?2024-07-08T14:06:55-05:00
Yes, we will be offering VIP tickets! Included is:

– Dedicated food trucks
– Dedicated bathrooms
– 2 drink tickets
– Free water (in VIP area)
– Tickets to paid attractions
– Future ticket to Sever’s Fall Festival
– Sample goodie bag!
– VIP cup

Where can I purchase tickets?2024-07-08T14:05:51-05:00
Tickets can be purchased online through our official website. Tickets will go live July 12th at 12:00pm.
What are the dates and location of the festival?2024-07-08T14:04:59-05:00
The festival will take place on September 6th and 7th at Severs Fall Festival. Hours on Friday, September 6th are 5:00pm – 9:30pm. Hours on Saturday, September 7th are 12:00pm – 9:30pm

Terms of Purchase

By attending a Doobie Dabbler festival, you agree and understand that Doobie Dabbler has the right to take photos of attendees and vendors in the festival grounds for use in marketing.

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