Welcome to the new BeerDabbler.com

If you're reading this, we'd like to formally welcome you to The Beer Dabbler's new online home. We hope you'll pull up a stool, grab a beer, and stay a while.

The craft beer community in our home state of Minnesota, and us along with it, have grown tremendously since we hosted our first beer tasting event in 2008. Back then, there were around 10 breweries in the state. Today that number is pushing 115, and on a national scale there are more breweries operating in United States than ever before.

For us, that growth has led to larger and more frequent beer tasting festivals. In addition, seeing the amazing pride and loyalty the breweries at our festivals inspire in their fans—and the quality swag those breweries were pumping out to meet the demands of their fans—spurred us to open The Beer Dabbler Store, a retail and online store that sells craft beer apparel, gifts, gear, artwork, and other merchandise. For too long the festival and store sides of The Beer Dabbler existed online apart from one another, but no longer. 

Our new website presents the full breadth of our company in a way we hope you'll find clear and easy to use. To see what we mean, look no further than the "Shop" and "Events" menus at the top of your screen.

On the "Shop" side of things, you'll see crisp imagery and information about all of our products, separated into easy-to-navigate categories. With filtering options and search capabilities, you can easily find a specific product, or sit back and browse.

Over in "Events," you'll find all the information you need to make your next Beer Dabbler festival experience a great one. From brewery lists to entertainment lineups, and ticket info to transportation, it's all there.

We couldn't have built this site without the help of our great development and design partners at Duluth, Minnesota's, 3five

We're proud to be members of the craft beer community in Minnesota and beyond. Thanks again for visiting our new online home. Cheers!


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