Q&A: The Bad Man are bringing the party to Summer Beer Dabbler

Sporting a boogie-rock bounce straight out of Ashbury Park and a toothy punk rock attitude, The Bad Man emerged from the dive bars of Northeast Minneapolis with a vengeance and a knack for showmanship rarely seen in this shy part of the Midwest. 

Formed in 2016 by guitar slinger Patrick Davis and gruff vocal charmer Peter Memorich, The Bad Man released their debut album in 2017 and followed it up with last year's Laughing With Bad Teeth. Their reputation for raucous shows helped secure them a #3 slot in last year's City Pages Picked to Click poll, and the band has been on a barnstorming run of local block parties ever since. We're thrilled to have them headline the music portion of The 11th Annual Summer Beer Dabbler. 

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You guys really forged your reputation as a live band up in Northeast Minneapolis playing bars and breweries. Has that crowd stuck with you?

Patrick Davis (Guitar): Definitely! It’s cool because it’s such a similar environment all the time, and the fans that did see us earlier in those tiny little spots, they’ll still come out and they’ll drink with us and stuff. 

Does The Bad Man drink beer during practice? If so, what’s your go-to practice space brew? 

PD: Hamms is the thing! It’s horribly cheap too, it’s great. There’s also an obligatory 30 rack for the hotel room whenever we’re outta town too. Gotta pound a Hamms!

I found it in Maine once, I was just so excited. I guess there’s some benefit to those macrobreweries being bought out by even more macro-macrobreweries, I can find my local s*** beer anywhere I am.  

Let’s say y’all are playing First Avenue tonight: What beer are you using your drink tickets on, or do you like a little variety? 

PD: You mean after we drink the green room out of beer? Those disappear pretty quickly with us [Laughs].

Fulton Lonely Blonde is kind of a go-to, it’s super easy, you don’t want something too malty or overly hoppy when you’re up there running around and getting all sweaty. 

Peter used to drink an incredible amount of Summit EPAs, like all the time, he turned me on to those a few years ago and...I don’t know. We might have overdone it with those because nobody in the band can drink ‘em anymore. 

If The Bad Man could be sponsored with free beer for life by any local brewery, who would you pick?

PD: We really like playing at Indeed, and their B-Side Pils is delicious. So that’d be fun, as long as we could keep playing there!

It’s weird, this summer and the last summer we’ve done a lot of these outdoor brewery events, and all the breweries are so good to bands and it’s really really nice and hard to pick a favorite one for sure. 

Follow up: Indeed offers to make a beer inspired by your band: What kind of beer is it, and what’s it called? 

PD: I mean, it would probably taste like Hamms [laughs]. We could call it The Bad Hamms, or Bamms or something like that. The Hamms Man, if you could get around that without some sort of lawsuit. But then again, Modist got that cease and desist and it seemed to do really well for them, so maybe we should just call it “Hamms” and get the Hamms bear to show up at Indeed with a cease and desist letter. 

You guys get to play at CHS Field, which is a pretty big deal! Did any of y’all play any baseball growing up? 

PD: I know Peter played a little bit of baseball in high school...maybe? We just went to a Twins game, Peter, Joe [Ramm, Drums] and I, earlier this week.

We’ve got that song “Wally the Beer Man” on Laughing With Bad Teeth, which is a tribute to a Twins beer guy, and there’s another song on there called “Babe Ruth,” so there’s a little bit of a baseball theme. For our record release show, we put on baseball jerseys as kind of a theme thing. 

I think it will be cool to play at a baseball stadium, I remember going to games with my dad and thinking that it would be so cool to be a professional athlete, but I just suck at sports, so this is probably as close as I’m going to get [laughs].

This one is going to be tricky. Pick the mascot y’all identify with more: TC Bear from the Twins, or the St. Paul Saint’s Ball Pig Mascot, which is named Daenerys Hoggaryen this year.

PD: I mean, I don’t know much about Game of Thrones...we’re probably more glutinous than saintly, so the "pig" seems to fit, even if the "saint" might not. We’ll let the public decide on that one on Saturday!

The Bad Man will play the 11th Annual Summer Beer Dabbler on Saturday, August 18 at CHS Field with The Shackletons and DJ Leif. You can hear their music on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. 


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