10 Beer Styles You Should Know for #SummerDabbler!

Brush up on the beer styles you'll find at the Summer Beer Dabbler and impress your friends! There are a plethora of styles of beers available from 135+ local and national breweries. So whether you're looking to try something new or explore your favorites, here are 10 styles you should know about before heading to CHS Field on August 26 for #SummerDabbler!



Style Highlight at Summer Dabbler – Alaskan Brewing Company Husky IPA

Bright and hoppy in flavor, IPAs are the darling of the current beer landscape. Originally developed in England, the origin story of IPA that you've probably heard isn't quite right: learn the real story here. The American IPA versions are more hop-forward and feature newer varieties of hops created in the USA. 




Style Highlight at Summer Dabbler –  Left Hand Travelin' Light Kolsch

Developed in Cologne (or Köln in German), Kölsch is a filtered beer that gloriously captures the summer sun and highlights a crisp, balanced flavor that make it a summer time favorite.  Read more about Kölsch from our friends at The Growler Magazine.





Style Highlight at Summer Dabbler – Indeed B-Side Pilsner

This classic European style originated in Plzen, Bohemia, now part of the Czech Republic. Bright in color due to it's lightly toasted malts, Pilsners seek a fine balance between toasty malt flavors and prominent but well rounded hop flavors. Learn more about this style here.



American Pale Ale (APA)

Style Highlight at Summer Dabbler – Rush River Scenic Pale Ale

Differing from IPA, American pale ale is a style born on this side of the pond. With craft brewing in its infancy, a new hop was introduced that would become the signature of pale ales: the Cascade. Moderate maltiness and a bitterness slightly less than IPAs make for a great summer beer. Full style profile and history of APAs can be found here.




Style Highlight at Summer Dabbler – Brooklyn Brewing Oktoberfest

This well-known style is traditionally associated with fall and the annual Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich, Germany, but late August is a common time to see this beer released. Just in time for Summer Dabbler! A lager in style, Oktoberfest beers are malt-forward with moderate hop bitterness. Learn more about the origins of this classic here. And find great local examples of Oktoberfest from The Growler's Blind Tasting.



Amber Ale 

Style Highlight at Summer Dabbler – FINNEGANS Irish Amber

Ushering in the beginning of fall, amber ales are maltier than their APA cousins, and while hop content will vary from heavier hopped versions at West Coast breweries to more malty versions in the Midwest, this copper-colored ale is the quintessential fall beer. Learn More...




Brown Ale 

Style Highlight at Summer Dabbler – Ale Asylum Madtown Nutbrown

With a surprising amount of variability between traditional styles from the likes of Newcastle to hoppier American versions, brown ales are a robust beer that steps between crisp summer beers and heavier porters seen later in the year. Like Oktoberfest styles, you can find some of these at the Summer Dabbler to give your palate some variety. The Growler breaks down this style in greater detail



Wheat Beer 

Style Highlight at Summer Dabbler – Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen
Easily identified with names including "weizen," or simply "wheat," these beers are unified by the fact that at least 50 percent of their malt comes from wheat rather than barley—many will have as much as 70 percent wheat malt. Wheat beers are meant to be enjoyed fresh, and these medium-bodied beers are low in hop bitterness. Learn more about wheat beers here.



American Lager 

Style Highlight at Summer Dabbler – Fulton Standard Lager

From Lite to Premium, American lagers are ubiquitous across the country, even if they don't enjoy the same contemporary popularity in craft beer circles as a highly hopped IPA. Low in hop bitterness, American lagers such as Fulton's Standard Lager are a great summer beer option due to their clean and refreshing flavors. The Growler breaks down this style here.



Radler / Shandy 

Style Highlight at Summer Dabbler – Stiegl Grapefruit Radler

Going by different names from different countries, the term radler means "cyclist" in German, but no matter what you call it, this style is of beer generally combined with fruit juice or soda for a light and refreshing summer drink that is low in alcohol. An increasingly popular example is the Stiegl Grapefruit Radler, but many local breweries such as Bad Weather Brewing consistently offer this style (with house-made sodas) in the summer months. 


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