Gear up for Summer Dabbler With These Essentials

Whether this if your first Summer Dabbler or your 9th like ours, spending an evening at the ball field and enjoying all that the Summer Beer Dabbler has to offer goes better with a little preparation. Here is our list of essentials to get you ready for your time in the sun:

After summers rays have faded, the Summer Dabbler t-shirt will still be shining bright. You can pick up your tickets and save $5 off this year's shirt when purchased at the Beer Dabbler Store on West 7th in Saint Paul. Printed on a red heather, super-soft cotton poly shirt, this year's shirt features the limited edition poster artwork of DWITT.

Protect your head with the Beer Dabbler Beer Flag Hat, and make sure to slop on the sunscreen for full-protection. While you're at it, throw on a pair of the Growler shades here.

With 135 breweries there's plenty of great beers to try, but the Summer Dabbler is also all about enjoying summer and socializing - free up your hands with a hands-free beer holding device, a.k.a. a glass lanyard. Available in 8 different colors, you can match your mood or get a little wild.

It's a sure bet you're going to find some new beers you haven't tried. Commit them to memory with a tasting guide from 33 Books with the 33 Bottles of Beer Book. There's too many beers and too little time to record everything you try, but this small pocket book makes it easy to jot down some notes about something really unique or memorable.

With a Beer Dabbler Store at the Summer Dabbler, you can stock up on other items from your favorite local breweries and more. Get Ready for Summer Dabbler and grab your tickets today!


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